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Chris Ballew Discography

Chris Ballew is the lead singer and songwriter for PUSA. Besides his presidential responsibilities, Chris Ballew constantly writes music and scores for television, children and other commercial and non-commercial projects.

Below is a comprehensive discography of the man himself and his solo projects from over the years. For more details on these eras please consult the history section of the site.

Dukes O'Pop

dukes o pop blue cassettedukes o pop yellow cassettedukes o pop red cassette tape

cassetteDukes O' Pop cassette tape (Freshie Records - 1987)

1. Joe 2. Emotional Cowboy 3. Jughead 4. Untitled 5. Marriage 6. Intermission 7. When I Was Little 8. Tiki God 9. Slip Away 10. Steve 11. Toy Surprise 12. Pop Culture 13. Basketball Dream

Notes... This cassette saw a limited run of 50 copies, each hand-coloured with crayon. The pictures above show the blue, yellow and red colours and it is unknown if any other colours exist. See: Images no.1, 2 & 3.

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egg feel better cassetteegg smell me fist cassetteegg zip cassetteegg demo cassetteegg eat cassetteegg gajoobilation compilation cassetteegg innocence is bliss compilation cassettekinder gentler genocide animal rights benefit 7 inch single featuring egg

cassetteFeel Better cassette tape (1987)

1. Candy 2. Son of a Bitch 3. Jughead 4. Love Delicatessen 5. Blank Baby 6. Sperm Factory 7. I Am Me 8. Meanwhile Back in the City 9. Bill 10. When I Was Little 11. Dinner Table Breakdown of 1979 12. Naked & Famous 13. Basketball Dream

Notes... See: Image no.1

cassetteSmell Me Fist cassette tape (1988)

1. Naked & Famous 2. Sperm Factory 3. Water 4. A Bug in the Cuff of My Pants 5. Candy 6. Poor Little Me 7. I Rolled the Dice (of Love)

Notes... See: Image no.2

cassetteZip cassette tape (1988)

1. These Are My Dreams 2. Naked & Famous 3. Flame is Love

Notes... Released in March 1988. See: Image no.3

cassetteEGG cassette tape (1988)

Side A... 1. The Moon 2. Memory Ball 3. Pavlov's Dog 4. Find My Tribe
Side B... 1. Straight As Boards

Notes... Recorded at Phenomen Arts Studios. See: Image no.4

cassetteEat cassette tape (1988)

1. The Moon 2. Memory Ball 3. Pavlov's Dog 4. Find My Tribe

Notes... There were reportedly only 25 copies of this tape made and given to friends of the band. The sleeve is hand-coloured with yellow crayon. See: Image no.5

cassetteCustom EGG cassette tape compilation (1988)

1. Nice Little Car Tune 2. Useless Crushes 3. Emotional Cowboy 4. Coming Around 5. Meanwhile Back in the City 6. Little Lizard 7. Driving Rain 8. I'm Full 9. Cheese Soup 10. Home Chicken 11. Truck Stop on the Moon 12. When I Was Little 13. Suicide Song 14. Weird Al 15. Dinner Table Breakdown of 1979 16. Love Delicatessen

Notes... This is a mixed tape sent to PUSAfan Amanda Woods by Chris Ballew featuring some of her favorite EGG songs plus some others he added.

cassetteCustom EGG cassette tape compilation (1988)

1. Oh God, I Love You So Much (333) 2. Please Wagon (333) 3. Parade of Shoes (333) 4. Huh? (333) 5. The Paddy Wagon Junk Shop (333) 6. Chocolate Bongos (333) 7. Black Eyed Blues (333) 8. Ohio (333) 9. Bill (EGG) 10. Dinner Table Breakdown of 1979 (EGG) 11. Son of a Bitch (EGG) 12. Hippy Happy Humping 13. Swollen Drink 14. Room 15. Grief 16. Knife

Notes... This is a mixed tape sent to PUSAfan Amanda Woods by Chris Ballew, featuring a mix of music that inspired him at the time plus 16 of his own songs. 8 songs were from a really early band 333, and 8 were from EGG and the period right after.

cassetteGAJOOBilation vol.1 cassette tape compilation (1988)

Notes... The full tracklisting for this cassette is unknown. The EGG track which featured on the compilation was called "Sperm Factory". See: Image no.6

cassetteInnocence Is Bliss cassette tape compilation (Wasted Effort - 1988)

Notes... Compilation on Wasted Effort Records showcasing various "punk" bands from in and around Massachusettes. The EGG tune featured on this tape is entitled "To Young To Hate". See: Image no.7.

vinylA Kinder Gentler Genocide 7" vinyl compilation (Wasted Effort (WEKGG 01-7) - 1990)

Notes... Animal rights benefit compilation, for Coalition to End Animal Suffering, on Wasted Effort Records. Four "punk/hardcore" bands (The Creeps, Cabal, Raspberry Bang and Egg) each contribue one song. The EGG song is entitled "Emotional Cowboy". See: Image no.8.

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balls we will grow on you 12 inch vinyl

cassetteWe Will Grow On You 12" vinyl (Elaterium Records (E1-3) - 1991)

1. Bring Me The Foreskin of George Lincoln Rockwell 2. Shaky Moyuls

Notes... Recorded Live and Completely Unrehearsed on November 3, 1990. Only 300 copies were pressed, all with a special silk screened sleeve.

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Cypress Ghost

lint cake cassette cover artrama's itch cassette sleeve folded out with cartoon drawings

cassetteRama's Itch cassette tape (333 Records - 1992)

Side A... Unknown tracklist
Side B... Unknown tracklist

Notes... Great grungy acoustic, quirky banjo, spacey sounds and typical Ballew instrumental effects. Each side has short snippets of sounds and was Chris' main output during a phase of writers block circa '92/'93. This is a longer version of his "Lint Cake" cassette. A digital and re-visited version of track 8 (Wooden Eye) features on Ballew's commercial demo CD, which was issued by the Talent House in 2002 (see below). A very raw version of his Caspar Babypants song "Bold Little Bird" also features. See both images above.

cassetteCheezy Rider/Salvador Dolly Parton cassette tape (1992)

Side A (Cheezy Rider)... 1. Cheezy Rider 2. Rubber Star 3. Waltz Across Turkey 4. Nervous Homer 5. One Cypress 6. Monkey Knuckle Moon 7. Bold Little Bird 8. Po' Dawg 9. California Desert Drive 10. Sunyo 11. Monkey River 12. Another Cypress 13. Snarlin' Darlin' 14. Lil' Bat 15. Creaky The Fly 16. Last Soft Oxbow 17. Dick Buster (Burger Brother of the King).
Side B (Salvador Dolly Parton)... 1. Salvador Dolly Parton 2. Sparkling Prize 3. Jesus 4. Blood Tunnel 5. Skeletone 6. Stringy The Worm 7. Rama's Itch 8. Acid Stomach 9. Sedection Cup 10. 1976 Black El Camino 11. Miss Seattle 12. Fuzz Pulse Thing 13. Philip Bluegrass 14. 5:27am 15. Circus Pass 16. Velvet Underbelly 17. Sleep.............

Notes... A different version of Rama's Itch with the same tracks, just extended versions of each one. Very much like a double-album.

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lint cake cassette cover artcaspar lint cake cd-r mand made covercaspar and mollusk 7 inch vinylcaspar self-titled cassette from 1996caspar - sonic uke cover

cassetteGood Time Lint Cake cassette tape (Raw Poo Music - 1991)

Side A... Unknown tracklist (9:45)
Side B... Unknown tracklist (9:55)

Notes... Recorded during a period when Chris was struggling to find creativity. This is a shorter version of his "Rama's Itch" cassette (see above). Image no.1 shows a Chris Ballew home made piece of digital-art entitled Lint Cake, which was given away as part of a competition. The other prize was a CD-r copy of Lint Cake with a special home-made sleeve (see: Image no.2).

cassetteSonic Uke cassette tape (Raw Poo Music - 1993)

1. Chicken 2. Boll Weevil 3. Munky River 4. Home 5. Confusion 6. Stranger 7. Swallow 8. Wah 9. Caspar & Bones 10. Hippy Happy Humping 11. Arkansas Angst 12. Kitty 13. Maiky Mimi 14. L.I.P. 15. Bone Dry 16. Magic

Notes... See: Image no.5

cassetteSonic Uke cassette tape - v2 (Raw Poo Music - 1993)

1. Home 2. Confusion 3. Chicken 4. Boll Weevil 5. Munky River 6. Hippy Happy Humpin 7. Arkansas Angst 8. Kitty at Mah fut 9. Froggie 10. Manky Mimi 11. Majic Johnson 12. Sonic Uke 13. Prickly Wilderness 14. Caspar and Bones 15. What The Hell? 16. Candy 17. L.I.P. 18. Stranger 19. Fuzz 20. Hungry Animal 21. Bone Dry 22. Wah 23. Miss

Notes... Different version of the Sonic Uke cassette, with extra tracks.

cassetteCaspar & Mollüsk 7" vinyl (Cosmic Records (Cosmic 002) - 1994)

Side A... 1. Intro (Mollüsk) 2. Twig (Caspar) 3. Outro (Mollüsk) 4. Swallow (Caspar)
Side B... 1. Lint Cake #1 (Caspar) 2. Lint Cake #2 (Caspar)

Notes... This release showcases some of the music Chris Ballew and Beck worked on together whilst living together in LA. Chris Ballew is known as Casper and Beck is known as Mollüsk. Translucent yellow vinyl. See: Image no.3

cassetteCaspar cassette tape (Raw Poo Music (004 raw poo) - 1996)

Side A... 1. Check It Out (feat Jason Finn on drums) 2. Velvet Universe 3. Hand In Hand 4. Centepede 5. Dark Things 6. Death Star 7. Xylophones in the Sky
Side B... 1. Sandworm 2. Here 3. Dead End Lies 4. Code Talkin Termite 5) Innocent Bird 6) Ribby Rib 7. Backporch Buddah

Notes... A lot of these tunes were revisited during the Freaked Out & Small sessions. The last few copies were sold via Chris Ballew's online webstore for a mere $10. See: Image no.4

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supergroup 7 inch vinyl

cassetteSupergroup 7" vinyl (Cosmic Records - 1995)

1. It's Not Like That Anymore 2. Telepathic Cathy

Notes... Colaboration with Mark Sandman of the band Morphine. Released on black vinyl.

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The Tycoons

the tycoons christmas cd

cassetteIs It Christmas Yet? CD single (Collective Fruit recordings (CFCD011) - 1998)

1. Cloudy Cloud 2. Every Other December 3. To Be There At Christmas With You 4. Frozen Christmas

Notes... Four Christmas songs by the band and their only official release. Nice digipak packaging; see image above.

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The Giraffes

the giraffes 13 other dimensions cd albumthe giraffes - the days are filled with years cd albumthe giraffes - zero friction front coverthe giraffes zero friction back cover

cd13 Other Dimensions CD album (My Own Planet Recordings - 1998)

1. Chocolate Dimension 2. Lonely Chicken 3. Hopeless (Rub It In) 4. Every Crocodile 5. Comin' Around 6. Nuthin' 2 Looz 7. Brain on Yer Tung 8. Little Champion 9. Pale Moon 10. Ghost of a Bad Friend 11. Slow Slow Fly 12. Poodle Mouth 13. Wither Without You

Notes... Digipak sleeve. See: Image no.1

cdThe Days Are Filled With Years CD album (Orange Recordings (OR003) - 2000)

1. Giraffes In The Underworld 2. Kill The Cake 3. Black Shadow 4. Drunk On The Sweepings 5. Easy Phantom 6. Gone Again Gone 7. When She's Drunk 8. Bone Dry 9. Cypress Ghost 10. Mess of Doubt 11. Room Forever 12. Burned By a Summer 13. Headphone Sunset

Notes... See: Image no.2

cdZero Friction CD album (Raw Poo Recordings (raw poo 001) - 2000)

1. Zero Friction 2. Rot in the Sun 3. Good Morning Tycoon 4. Don't Forget to Remember All the Goodtimes 5. Some Postman Is Grooving 6. Clean Machine 7. Stay With Me 8. Poodle Mouth 9. Queen Of Eyes 10. G.R.E.A.T 11. Suck Or Shine 12. All the Goodtimes 13. Mr. Microphone

Notes... This album is in wide mp3 circulation as it was never officially released. There were literally a handful of copies made available at one Giraffes show and an extremely small number of "real" copies exist. See: Images no.3 & 4

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Chris & Tad

chris and tad hand me that door cd albumchris and tad 34 track radio promo sampler

cdHand Me That Door CD album (Orange Recordings (OR006) - 2000)

1. Shelby Jenkins 2. Jilted On The Tarmac 3. I Made Up My Mind 4. Film Party 5. Radio Controll 6. Sunshine Pig 7. Bread and Butter 8. Bookstore 9. I Got The Blue 10. Hand Me That Door 11. PNW Blue 12. Sandra In Short Pants 13. Town and Country 14. When You're Dead

Notes... See: Image no.1

cdInstant Sound Showcase sampler (Talent House - 2002)

> Things We've Done... 1. Lump (presidents of the usa) 2. Cleveland Rocks (drew carey show) 3. George of the Jungle (disney) 4. Sunshine Pig (mini usa) 5. Cold Busted (mini usa) 6. Master of Disguise (sony pictures) 7. Yu-gi-oh! (kids wb tv)
> Instand Sounds... 8. All Around World (funky pop) 9. Making Time (acoustic pop) 10. Time to Shine (rock) 11. Power Service Value (quirky) 12. Holiday In My Holster (funky) 13. Film Party (rock) 14. Za Za (quirky) 15. Pit Stop (rock) 16. Theme From Sunny (organ groove) 17. Jogger (organ pop) 18. Bread and Butter (acoustic pop) 19. Cmon Cmon Cmon (rock) 20. I Only Have Eyes You (ballad) 21. Funky Postman (funky harmonica) 22. All Things Could Happen (acoustic) 23. Betty In Zebra Pants (funky piano) 24. Suk or Shine (rock) 25. Candybar In The Spring (quirky) 26. Hand Me That Door (funky clavinet) 27. Life Is Sweet, Good (pop positive) 28. Whats Happening? (tv medley) 29. Jilted on the Tarmac (rock) 30. I Made Up My Mind (rock) 31. Yellow Jacket (piano stomp) 32. The Good Life (upbeat pop) 33. Calling Long Distance (vast piano) 34. I Feel Free (wistful ballad)

Notes... Housed in a custom cardboard sleeve, this CD-r was distributed to radio stations and companies. The tunes are 30-90 second snippets of work from Chris and Tad to give a taster of what is available. See: Image no.2.

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Chris Ballew

chris ballew thankyou samplerchris ballew like to boogie original cd albumchris ballew my first computer cd albumchris ballew like to boogie cd albumchris ballew talent house volume one sampler cdchris ballew talent house volume 3 sampler cdchris ballew talent house sampler cd volume fourchris ballew demos volume one sampler cdchris ballew and chris and tadco 2002 sampler cdchris ballew demo sampler volume twochris ballew hey i made a little sampler! sampler cd

cdThankyou! (unknown year)

Notes... Given away as a "thankyou" present from Chris Ballew. Custom cardboard sleeve, tracklisting is unknown. See: Image no.1.

cdMy First Computer CD album (Raw Poo Music - 2003)

1. Ant Body 2. Red Neck Horse Head 3. Dark Things 4. Bright With Stars 5. Bad Devil 6. Low Strung Out 7. A Pig in the Orchestra 8. The Voodoo Advantage 9. Undergrass 10. Slippery Old Toad 11. Tickle Spider Attack 12. Dummy in the Trunk 13. Technology Is Sweet 14. Original Sunny 15. Morning Moan 16. Force of Personality 17. Dim Bulb Sky 18. Stereo Nightcap 19. Dial Tone

Notes... This is the original issue of the album and features 19 tracks as opposed to the 17 that were shortlisted for the re-release. See: Image no.2.

cdMy First Computer CD album (re-issue) (Raw Poo Music (RP007) - 2004)

1. A Pig In The Orchestra 2. Ant Body 3. Red Neck Horse Head 4. Dial Tone 5. Dark Things 6. Dummy In The Trunk 7. Bright With Stars 8. Bad Devil 9. Slippery Old Load 10. Come In Moon Robot 11. Tickle Spider Attack 12. Original Sunny 13. The Voodoo Advantage 14. Force Of Personality 15. Low Strung Out 16. Stereo Nightcap 17. Dim Bulb Sky

Notes... Instrumental album. See: Image no.3.

cdLike To Boogie CD album (Raw Poo Music - 2004)

1. Like To Boogie 2. The Long Chairs 3. Theme From Babypants 4. Pink Passenger 5. Butter the Skids 6. In My Skin 7. Soul Rollin 8. Boots Belt Stomach 9. Blind Hold Yourself 10. Chocolate Droppe 11. Red Hot Gumball 12. Built To Kill 13. Hit Ticket 14. My Style 15. Cry For The Fuzz

Notes... Party/danceable album. See: Image no.4.

cdChris Ballew Volume 1 (Talent House - 2002)

1. 1am After Party 2. A Pig in the Orchestra (inst) 3. A Pig in the Orchestra (voc) 4. All Day Room Feel (inst) 5. Boots Belt Stomach (inst) 6. Boots Belt Stomach (voc) 7. Fruit Flay (inst) 8. Funkdump (inst) 9. Ghosts Are Everywhere (inst) 10. Ghosts Are Everywhere (voc) 11. In My Skin (inst) 12. In My Skin (voc) 13. Low Worm (EQ Edit) (inst) 14. Original Sunny 15. Original Sunny (voc) 16. The Cloud Says Mope (inst) 17. Tongue Tied Youngster (inst) 18. Truckstop Butterfly (inst) 19. Wide Load (inst) 20. Wooden Eye (inst)

Notes... Issued by the Talent House for marketing purposes, this sampler contains samples of Chris Ballew's solo work. All tunes are full length and are great listening - typical Ballew sounds. The original jam version of the track "Wooden Eye" appeared on Ballew's "Rama's Itch" demo tape (see above). See: Image no.5.

cdChris Ballew Volume 3 (Talent House - 2002)

1. Astronauts Report (inst) 2. Astronauts Report (voc) 3. Bad Devil (inst) 4. Bad Devil (voc) 5. Blood Tunnel (inst) 6. Butter the Skids (inst) 7. Butter the Skids (voc) 8. Calling Long Distance (inst) 9. Desert Island Favourite (inst) 10. Dial Tone (inst) 11. Dial Tone (voc) 12. Gone For Good (inst) 13. Love Smotherer (inst) 14. Love Smotherer (voc) 15. Stuck in a Snow Maze (inst) 16. Sueded Sython (inst) 17. The Longhairs (inst) 18. The Longhairs (voc) 19. Under Grass (inst) 20. Vanilla Gorilla (inst)

Notes... Issued by the Talent House for marketing purposes, this sampler contains samples of Chris Ballew's solo work. All tunes are full length. See: Image no.6.

cdChris Ballew Volume 4 (Talent House - 2002)

1. Blindfold Yourself (inst) 2. Blindfold Yourself (voc) 3. Built To Kill (inst) 4. Built To Kill (voc) 5. Comfortable Fantastic (inst) 6. Dinosaur Lips (inst) 7. Electric Worm (inst) 8. Hello Daddy (inst) 9. Hello Daddy (voc) 10. Low Strung Out (inst) 11. Modern Sounds (inst) 12. Overlit (inst) 13. Overlit (voc) 14. Red Neck Horse Head (inst) 15. Slippery Old Toad (inst) 16. Speed of Light (inst) 17. Speed of Light (voc) 18. The Invisible Trio (inst) 19. Tiny Horse (inst) 20. Tiny Horse (voc) 21. Tour Bus Blues (inst) 22. Western Breakfast (inst) 23. Warm Butterscotch (inst)

Notes... Issued by the Talent House for marketing purposes, this sampler contains samples of Chris Ballew's solo work. All tunes are full length. See: Image no.7.

cdDemo Vol.1 (Talent House - 2002)

- Medley of hits... 1. Lump/Peaches/George of the Jungle/Video Killed The Radio Star/Presidents Daughter/Cleveland Rocks
- Groove/Funky... 2. A Pig in the Ochestra 3. Bad Devil 4. Like To Boogie 5. Slippery Old Toad 6. The Longhairs 7. Built to Kill 8. Yellow Cow Blues 9. Blood Tunnel 10. Funkdump 11. In My Skin 12. Love Smotherer 13. Red Neck Horse Head
- Electro Acoustic... 14. Birmingham Hotel 15. Car Told Me 16. Desert Island Favourite 17. Dial Tone 18. Dumpy the Pig 19. Low Worm 20. Overlit 21. Stuck in Snow 22. Tongue Tied Youngster 23. Under Grass 1
- Comedy/Cartoon... 24. Astronauts Report 25. Butter The Skids 26. Speed of Light 27. Theme From Babypants
- Rock Riffs... 28. Dinosaur Lips 29. Wide Load 30. Under Grass 2 31. Cleaning the Machine 32. Vanilla Gorilla
- Piano/Jazz/Lounge... 33. Instruction Booklet 34. Sueded Python 35. The Invisible Trio
- Symphonic/Atmosphere... 36. Broken Trees 37. Calling Long Distance 38. Moon Gum 39. Gone For Good 40. Moldy Xylophone 41. Electric Worm 42. Rotten Floorboards 43. The Cloud Says Mope 44. Wooden Eye 45. Western Breakfast
- Pop Songs... 46. Kill The Cake 47. Good Morning Tycoon 48. Burned by a Summer 49. Poodle Mouth 50. When She's Drunk 51. Comin Around 52. Black Shadow 53. Drunk on the Sweepings 54. Goodtimes

Notes... Custom cardboard sleeve, issued by the Talent House for marketing purposes. The tunes are 30-90 second snippets. See: Image no.8.

cdChris Ballew/Chris & Tadco 2002 (Talent House - 2002)

- Medley of hits... 1. Lump/Peaches/George of the Jungle/Video Killed The Radio Star/Presidents Daughter/Cleveland Rocks
- Groove/Funky... 2. A Pig in the Ochestra 3. Bad Devil 4. Like To Boogie 5. Slippery Old Toad 6. The Longhairs 7. Built to Kill 8. Yellow Cow Blues 9. Blood Tunnel 10. Funkdump 11. In My Skin 12. Love Smotherer 13. Red Neck Horse Head 14. Hand Me That Door 15. Betty in Zebra Pants 16. Some Postman edit
- Electro Acoustic... 17. Birmingham Hotel 18. Car Told Me Not To Go 19. Desert Island Favourite 20. Dial Tone 21. Dumpy the Pig 22. Low Worm 23. Overlit 24. Stuck in Snow 25. Tongue Tied Youngster 26. Under Grass 1
- Comedy/Cartoon... 27. Astronauts Report 28. Butter The Skids 29. Candybar in the Spring 30. North Pole 31. Speed of Light 32. Theme From Babypants
- Piano/Jazz/Lounge... 33. Instruction Booklet 34. Sueded Python 35. The Invisible Trio 36. Shelby Jenkins
- Symphonic/Atmosphere... 37. Broken Trees 38. Calling Long Distance 39. Moon Gum 40. Gone For Good 41. Moldy Xylophone 42. Electric Worm 43. Rotten Floorboards 44. The Cloud Says Mope 45. Wooden Eye 46. Western Breakfast
- Chris & Tadco Themes... 47. Cold Busted (Mini USA) 48. John Report (Kiro TV) 49. M.O.D (Master of Disguise) 50. Next Big Star (Pax TV) 51. People for Puget Sound (PSA) 52. Sellen Theme (Sellen) 53. Sunshine Pig (Mini USA) 54. Yu-gi-oh! (Kids' WB)
- Pop Songs... 55. Some Postman 56. Film Party 57. Radio Control 58. Jilted on the Tarmac 59. PNW Blue 60. Good Morning Tycoon 61. Drool at You
- Rock Riffs... 62. Dinosaur Lips 63. Wide Load 64. Under Grass 2 65. Cleaning the Machine 66. Vanilla Gorilla

Notes... Custom cardboard sleeve, issued by the Talent House for marketing purposes. The tunes are 30-90 second snippets. See: Image no.9.

cdDemo Vol.2 (Aurora Elephant Music - 2003)

- Medley of hits... 1. Lump/Peaches/George of the Jungle/Video Killed The Radio Star/Presidents Daughter/Cleveland Rocks
- Groovy/Funky... 2. Los Angeles Machine Tan 3. Far Out Group 4. Rented Sex Monkey 5. Boots Belt Stomach 6. Road Trip South 7. Original Sunny 8. Twist and Swivel 9. Force of Personality 10. Bright With Stars 11. Hello Daddy
- Electro Acoustic... 12. Low Strung Out 13. Dummy in the Tank 14. Hot Off the Catwalk 15. Sandy Toes 16. Virtual Elephant 17. Technology is Sweet 18. Toys for Tots 19. Ghosts Are Everywhere 20. The Curled Finger 21. High and Lonesome 22. Tour Bus Blues
- Comedy/Cartoon... 23. Extremely Happy Monkey 24. Rock the Nose 25. Scratchy Website 26. Tickle Spider Attack 27. 1am After Party 28. The Voodoo Advantage 29. Bag of Bones 30. Soul Rollin 31. Red Hot Gumball 32. Zebra Sunburn 33. That Spy is Wet
- Loop Blues... 34. Today's Most Popular Girl 35. Log Jam 36. Soul Saver 37. You Broke My Monkey
- Rock Riffs... 38. 5, 500 Miles 39. Deep Orange Shag 40. Modern Sounds 41. Something Wrong 42. Fruit Fly 43. Hungry Animals 44. Dark Things
- Mellow... 45. Dim Bulb Sky 46. Arizona Sun 47. All Day Room Feel 48. Kid in Sun 49. Made of Sand
- Piano/Jazz/Lounge... 50. Ant Body 51. Dull Grey Bullet 52. Piano Spider Solo
- Symphonic/Atmosphere... 53. Snow Cancellation 54. Shadow of Debutante 55. Snakeskin and Mahogany 56. Petrified Forrest 57. Truckstop Butterfly 58. Last Soft Oxbow 59. Crown Victoria 60. Sub Zero

Notes... Custom cardboard sleeve, issued by the Talent House for marketing purposes. The tunes are 30-90 second snippets. See: Image no.10.

cdHey, I Made A Little Sampler! (2004)

1. Like To Boogie (by Chris Ballew) 2. Dial Tone (by Chris Ballew) 3. Snakeskin & Mahagony (by the Feelings Hijackers) 4. Making Time (by Chris and Tad) 5. Blue Ridge Mountain Police Department (by Creepy Stick) 6. Kill The Cake (by the Giraffes) 7. Comin Around (by the Giraffes)

Notes... Given away at PUSA shows and via PUSA online store when buying the Love Everybody album. See: Image no.11.

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Creepy Stick

creepy stick cd album

cassetteCreepy Stick CD album (Aurora Elephant Music - 2005)

1. Prime Rib 2. Fun 3. Tin Can Pipeline 4. Blueridge Mountain Police Department 5. Little Ronald Chamberlain 6. Sunburn 7. Sundown

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The Feelings Hijackers

the feelings hijackers debut cd albumthe feelings hijackers skeletal remains cd album

cassetteT.F.H. CD album (2005)

1. Snakeskin And Mohogany 2. I Digress 3. Overlit 4. Goodbye Sunny 5. Ribby Rib 6. Love Smotherer 7. What The Hell? 8. Electric Spider 9. Speed Of Light 10. Internet Space 11. Travelin Around 12. Rising Sun 13. Letters From 3 AM 14. Smash The Blackness

cassetteSkeletal Remains CD album (2007)

1. Soul Rollin 2. Venom Is No Cure 3. Slide The Bones 4. Skeletal Remains 5. Put The Candy Down 6. Deep Deep Root 7. Blistered And Twisted 8. Dirty Limousine 9. Butter The Skids 10. The Viper 11. Happy Birthday 12. Rotten Technology 13. Prize Fight Lost 14. In My Skin

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Caspar Babypants

the tycoons christmas cdcaspar babypants more pleasepeps sing-a-longcaspar babypants - this is fun cover

cdHere I Am! (Aurora Elephant Music - 2009)

1. Small Black Ant 2. Little Broken Truck 3. Brown and Lonely Worm 4. Free Like A Bird 5. Baby Bear 6. Three Blind Mice 7. Baby in a Corn Tree 8. Heard a Bird 9. Babies Little Self 10. Run Away 11. The Island Hop 12. Under a Rock 13. Bug In The Cuff Of My Pants 14. Shortnin Bread 15. Let the S Go 16. Billy Pringle 17. Poor Dust Bunnies 18. Freres Jacques 19. Bright Bug 20. Monkey River 21. Calling From Clouds 22. Sleeping Baby

Notes... Cardboard sleeve. See: Image no.1.

cdMore Please! (Aurora Elephant Music - 2009)

1. Take the Sun 2. Dog Gone Gone Dog Gone 3. Robin on a Wire 4. Run Baby Run 5. Bold Little Bird 6. I'm a Nut 7. Nine Ninety Nine 8. Itsy Bitsy Spider 9. Rocks and Flowers 10. Mary Had a Little Lamb 11. Ramshackle 12. Dust Mite 13. Cotton Eyed Joe 14. Light it Up 15. Fuzzy Wuzzy 16. I Made up my Mind 17. Looking Up 18. Sittin' on this Rock 19. Little Ghost 20. Spiders Lullaby

Notes... Cardboard sleeve. See: Image no.2.

cdPEPS Sing-a-long (2010)

1. Rig a Jig Jig 2. Put Your Baby in the Air 3. Sittin in a High Chair 4. Head Shoulders Knees and Toes 5. Itsy Bitsy Spider 6. The Noble Duke of York 7. Skin a ma Rink 8. All the Fish 9. Row Row Row Your Boat 10. Winkle Twinkle Little Star 11. Mockingbird (Hush Little Baby) 12. Brahms Lullaby

Notes... Download-only release available from See: Image no.3.

cdThis Is Fun! (2010)

1. All You Pretty Babies 2. Speedy Centipede 3. The Legend of the Bone 4. Baby's Getting Up 5. Where Do You Go? 6. Googly Eyes 7. Shoo Fly 8. Tiger Through the Trees 9. Bounce Your Baby 10. Baby and the Animals 11. Sliver 12. The Cuckoo 13. It's Gonna Rain 14. The Frogs 15. Mister Rabbit 16. Little Ditty 17. Buckeye Jim 18. Look At All These Elephants 19. Tumble 20. Dark of Night

Notes... See: Image no.4.

cdSing Along! (2011)

1. Bad Blue Jay 2. Wild Wild Time 3. Crawl 4. I Wanna Be A Snowman 5. Funny Bone 6. My Flea Has Dogs 7. Ba Ba Black Sheep 8. Spider John 9. Shadow 10. Loud And Quiet (Feat. Frances England) 11. Mister Winter Bee 12. Long Long Dream 13. Ring Around The Rosie 14. Them Bones (Feat. Outtasite) 15. Pussycat Pussycat 16. Me And My Echo 17. Butterfly Driving A Truck 18. Helicopter 19. Sun Go (Feat. Frances England) 20. Baby Cloud (Feat. Rachel Loshak)

cdHot Dog! (2012)

1. Sugar Ant 2. Crazy Blue Beetle 3. This Old Whale 4. Summer Baby (Let It Ride) 5. Boot Got Grounded 6. Messy Face 7. Stompy The Bear 8. Eleanor The Elegant Elephant 9. Bunny Brown 10. All That I Have Got 11. The Animal Lunch 12. I Don't Mind 13. Scared Scare Crow 14. More Moles 15. Sweepin' Broom 16. Lonely Glove 17. Snowman In The Summer 18. A Thousand Tiny Doughnuts 19. Even Bugs Are Sleeping

cdI Found You! (2012)

1. I Found You 2. Just Wondering 3. All the Fish 4. Kangaroo 5. Baby of Mine 6. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 7. The Stump Hotel 8. Yes and No 9. Sleepy Head 10. Say Farewell 11. Too Dirty To Love 12. Skeletone 13. Row Row Row Your Boat 14. Cricket the King 15. Fuzz 16. Hobo Baby 17. Woods Behind My Home 18. If I Was A 19. Golden Sunset

cdBaby Beatles! (2013)

1. Here Comes the Sun 2. All Together Now 3. Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey 4. Your Mother Should Know 5. Birthday 6. Yellow Submarine 7. Ob La Di Ob La Da 8. Love Me Do 9. Penny Lane 10. Mother Nature's Son 11. All You Need Is Love 12. Little Child 13. Octopus's Garden 14. Anytime at All 15. Cry Baby Cry 16. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds 17. Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite 18. Blackbird 19. I'm Only Sleeping 20. Goodnight

cdRise And Shine!! (2014)

1. Good Morning (Rise and Shine!) 2. The Littlest Worm 3. Silly Bird 4. The Creatures Under My Bed 5. Hush Little Baby 6. John Mousey 7. Bird in an Airplane Suit 8. Pretty Crabby 9. The Runaway Shoes 10. Fiddlehead Fern 11. Mud Puddle 12. Rig a Jig Jig 13. The Girl with the Squirrel in Her Hat 14. Rock a Bye Baby 15. Rain Rain Come Today 16. Early Bird 17. Hold Fast Baby Barnacle 18. Sleepy Eyed 19. Bye Bye Day

cdNight Night! (2015)

1. Just for You 2. Up All Night 3. Take It Easy 4. Wonder Why You Hide 5. Day Is Gone 6. Through Your Window 7. Beneath the Water 8. Dragonfly Blue 9. Deep in the Dirt 10. The Land of Shush 11. Sad Baby 12. Little Sleeper 13. Sliver Moon 14. Drift off in Time 15. Undo Your Mind 16. Made of Light

cdBeatles Baby! (2015)

1. Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 2. With a Little Help from My Friends 3. Hey Jude 4. Strawberry Fields Forever 5. For You Blue 6. Rain 7. One After 909 8. Honey Pie 9. The Fool on the Hill 10. The Word 11. Lady Madonna 12. Piggies 13. Hello Goodbye 14. Baby You're a Rich Man 15. When I'm Sixty Four 16. Dear Prudence 17. Good Day Sunshine 18. Drive My Car 19. Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) 20. Golden Slumbers 21. The End

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