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PUSA Personnel

Below is a collection of photos showing PUSA outside of their expected habitat. Click on any photo below to see a full version of the band at random times. There are also a few other random PUSA-related pictures included too so be sure you check them all out!

pusa in suits backstage at a pusa show andrew mckaeg with shuggie andrew mckaeg before pusa teddy bear art drawing aty photo chris ballew drawing chris wearing a wooly hat outside doodle drawing chris ballew tycoons chris in a guitar shop playing a double neck bass guitar chris ballew's garden computerized art by chris ballew doodles and songs chris playing piano and tad on drums dave dederer playing guitar giraffes art by chris ballew chris ballew art jason finn young boy jason finn upside down shouting into the camera jason finn in the crowd with fans chris ballew and jay leno black and white photo chris ballew drawing of fish trumpet shane speal shirt chris ballew in punk bar in amsterdam presidents receiving award presidents before mount rushmore show pusa rehearsal and sound check jason finn radio appearance photo andrew and jason fooling around chris ballew with a newspaper caspar babypants at home with guitar black and white chris ballew onstage photo