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Live concert photos

Below is a collection of live photos from various PUSA shows. I chose the most interesting and not-so-common ones to put on display here, many of which will even be first-viewing for many fans! Just click any picture below to get the full view and description.

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andrew playing the bugle andrew preparing to rock out a solo chris playing andrews guitar chris playing chixdiggit! guitar chris ballew dressed up as a lady on stage chris ballew performing in a supergrass t-shirt chris ballew playing his keyboard whilst lying on the floor chris and tad live on stage chris ballew wearing sunglasses on stage in paris france chris ballew and dave dederer rocking out on stage pusa performing acoustic professional photo of jason finn on drums chris ballew singing with his acoustic guitar old live photo with chris ballew wearing rareties t-shirt chris rocking and dave dederer on the floow very old rare photo with dave wearing mcdonalds shirt dave and chris wearing popllama shirt at old radio show chris ballew playing his flying v guitar like a real rock star chris jumping off the stage at the end pusa playing live at mariners game audience shot from the showbox gig in seattle chris ballew and sir mix-a-lot on stage andrew mckaeg on chris ballews shoulders whilst rocking out pusa in the studio playing on the radio chris ballew playing drums chris ballew playing with live the tycoons chris ballew live with the tycoons with chixdiggit! shirt black and white photo of chris ballew with the tycoons chris ballew playing drums chris and tad in spacesuits in a small room playing acoustic pro black and white photo of chris playing live on stage wearing suites with big pusa backdrop jason finn wearing a suit and drinking a beer on the drums andrew and chris crowdsurfing with their instruments