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Welcome to the Fan Zone! is looking for pictures of YOU AND YOUR PRESIDENTS OF THE USA STUFF!

No matter what you have; old or new, hard to find, t-shirts, CDs, special items... Please send a picture of you and your collection and it will appear on the wall of fame below!

When were you when you heard your first PUSA song? What do you remember about your first PUSA show? How does PUSA music make you feel?!!! Send us your stories and special moments so they can be shared with the PUSA community.

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Presidential Candidate #1 - Timmy Dub

  • Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Favourite Presidents album: "II"
  • Favourite Presidents tune: Lump
  • Most prized PUSA posession: PUSA Mt Rushmore cord jacket
  • Click Here for as much of my collection that would fit into one photo!

Testamonial: "I've been a fan since listening to Peaches on the in-store headphones of HMV in 1995; Not often do you ever get a 4-track single with 4 killer tunes!.. After gathering everything I could via mailorder shops, my collection grew and grew to what it is today. Never have I known such an awesome band as PUSA, and after 15 years and 30 concerts, I can still proudly say that it has never once gotten old."

Presidential Candidate #2 - Thomas Michaelis

  • Location: Melbourne, Australia
  • Favourite Presidents album: Debut album & Pure Frosting
  • Favourite Presidents tune: KOTJ, Monkey River, Tiki God, More Than A Feeling (w/Weird Al)... Hard question!
  • Most prized PUSA posession: Naked & Famous (Vanna White 7" - #22!)
  • Click Here to view my Presidents collection on YouTube!

Testamonial: "I have been a fan since 1995/6 when they first hit Australian radio collected many items before seeing them in live in concert in 1996 with my friend who also was a PUSAfan and have been collecting them ever since i have met them twice once in 1997 and again 18th October 2005 at JB Hifi in Melbourne they did an in store gig here is a link to the show filmed by someone else I'm surprised there is not more uploads as there were a lot with phones recording that day. I have had a PUSA fan web page for about 5 years or so on different servers as beta pages now i have where i have my presidential discography of all things presidents on my collection plus it is my personal site as well so it also had non pusa things still not 100% but it is a work in progress , one day i look forward to one day seeing them play in Australia once more."

Presidential Candidate #3 - Dale Gier

  • Location: Wamego, Kansas USA
  • Favourite Presidents album: I like them all equally. I cannot pick just one.
  • Favourite Presidents tune: Some Postman (I'm a mail carrier!)
  • Most prized PUSA posession:9-25-09 West Siloam Spring set list and 9-26-09 Tulsa drumstick.
  • See my PUSA collection here! It's so big it needs two parts... Part 1 - Part 2

Testamonial: "I've been a PUSA fan since 1995 when they played on the radio around here. Got my self title and II cassettes in late 1996. Pure Frosting cassette followed in April 1998 (bought @ Musicland ). In early 2005 I decided to modernize and started getting some PUSA CDs. My collection hasn't stopped growing since. I've had the pleasure of seeing them three times in concert. Very memorable. The concerts really showcase their talent as musicians and entertainers. Their music is so original and unique too. That's what I like best. A lot of music currently is so generic and unrecognizable as to who performs it. Not so with The Presidents of the United States of America. They rok."

Presidential Candidate #4 - Jonathan St. Pierre

  • Location: Auburn, New Hampshire USA
  • Favourite Presidents album: Debut album & Love Everybody
  • Favourite Presidents tune: Love Everybody, Useless Crushes, Monkey River, Video Killed the Radio Star (Does that count?)
  • Most prized PUSA posession: Hard one, but I'm gonna go with my Green Label Froggy Style Demo Tape.
  • Click Here to see my PUSA collection!

Testamonial: "I remember being a huge fan the first time I heard "Lump" on the radio, I knew when I heard it it was something amazing. Of course I had to go get the CD's as soon as possible. After a few years the CD's got trashed by siblings and I learned of internet downloading and that's when my world really opening up. I remember finding "What the Hell" by Subset, listed as a PUSA song, and I've been hooked ever since. Now, 12 years later, I have quite the extensive collection of collectibles and 17 gigs of concerts and videos from EGG, The Tycoons, and Dukes-O-Pop, all the way to Dave Dederer Solos, The Cowboys, and Casper Babypants."

Presidential Candidate #5 - Zeke

  • Location: Tuusula, Finland
  • Favourite Presidents album: Depends on mood and time
  • Favourite Presidents tune: Monkey River, Bath Of Fire, Fuck California, Naked And Famous
  • Most prized PUSA posession: Custom art done by Chris Ballew. FOAS with my name on it.
  • My mega-collection has a few sections... Click the corresponding link to see each one! - CDs - Vinyls - Tapes - Posters

Testamonial: I've been a fan since 1995. Collector since 1996/1997. When I bought the II album (2CD version) with my summer job savings. My collection is missing some pretty usual stuff. Mostly because shipping to Finland is pretty high, and I don't want to pay xx dollars about items that are only worth dollar or two. I run the Presidents Of The USA Concert site called, and It has been online since 2003 (various addresses before finally buying the .com name).

pusafan naval guijo

Presidential Candidate #6 - Navalguijo

  • Location: Madrid, Spain
  • Favourite Presidents album: Debut and "II"
  • Favourite Presidents tune: Peaches (acoustic), from the Dune Buggy single.
  • Most prized PUSA posession: Complete set of all Presidents of the USA / Chris Ballew vinyl releases.
  • Check out my amazing collection of Presidents of the USA vinyls here!

Testamonial: First time I listened the Presidents I became a big fan (it was the old days when they'd just released the first album). With time I became more and more addicted (to the fame), then I got the "II" album on CD and the Ça Plane Pour Moi single and from then on, to nowadays... I have many CDs, Tshirts and some bootlegs, and I saw them only once (they've been twice in Madrid, and the first time I couldn't get into the venue because of my age) but my precioussss its the complete vinyl collection... My hope? Caspar Babypants vinyls!!!!